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When it comes to shredding and briquetting, no one is fooling us, more imitate us!

Einwellenzerkleinerer EZ-K 15 mit 55 kW
Robust Shredders – Reliable operation


VOTECS shredders have for years been installed in trade and industrial operations for economical processing of wood wastes and many other materials. The machines are characterized by their robust technology and consequently reliable operation. VOTECS shredders are optimally layed out for customer specific task formulation (material, flow-rate, particle size). The machines guarantee a trouble free shredding process with high energy efficiency.

Particular characteristics are:
- Sophisticated, robust technology
- Economic shredding of different materials
- High reliability and high utilization value
Compact briquetting presses

Craft enterprises and industrial operations produce wood chips, shavings and saw dust on a daily basis that take up considerable space to store and transport. By contrast, briquettes save space and are easier to transport, and unlike loose materials, present a far lower risk of spontaneous combustion. Briquetting presses from VOTECS process these very wood chips, shavings etc. into compact briquettes that can be used to produce energy for heating. The briquetting presses are installed as a stand-alone machine or in conjunction with evacuation systems. The features of the briquettes produced by these machines are a huge reduction in volume for the same high heating value and controllable combustion.
The following are the hallmarks
of VOTECS briquetting presses:
- Huge reduction in volume resulting in considerable
  potential savings in the cost of storage, transport
  and disposal
- Burn briquettes for cost effective energy production
    The rotor aggressive of all time - the throughput miracle!  
    The new cutting system from VOTECS!

With the brilliant genius of the rotor and slider control, a faster return (therefore a higher throughput advantage) high number of blades (concave) and the blade carrier is fed into welded pockets om the rotor.

The new definition of a cutting system!
  Impressions from the Holz Handwerk Fair:   Thank you for visiting!  
  Holz Handwerk 2012   Holz Handwerk 2012  
  Einwellenzerkleinerer EZ 8/2 in einer Grube aufgestellt. Materialabtransport mit einer 11 m langen Steigschnecke zur Silobefüllung. Hintergrund: Brikettierpresse AP 775 unter einer Filteranlage   Picture of the Month:  
EZ Shredder 8/2 placed in a pit. Material removal with a 11-meter climb to the silo auger.

Background: Briquetting Press  AP 775, installation under a filtration system

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