VOTECS Shredders

VOTECS shredders have for years been installed in trade and industrial operations for economical processing of wood wastes and many other materials. The machines are characterized by their robust technology and consequently reliable operation. VOTECS shredders are optimally designed for customer's specific tasks. The machines guarantee a trouble free shredding process with high energy efficiency.

Particular characteristics are:

  • Sophisticated, robust technology
  • Economic shredding of different materials
  • High reliability and high utilization value

EZ Single-Shaft Shredders

  • For shredding of
  • Wood waste
  • Hardwood
  • Softwood
  • Chipboard
  • MDF
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Remnants

The shredder operates very quietly and dust free: The material to be shredded is firstly deposited into a large hopper. Via a hydraulically controlled pusher it is then pressed against the cutting rotor. The shredding of the material occurs between a rotor shaft and a fixed opposing knife.

The pusher‘s feed rate is controlled directly and is dependent on the power consumption of the main motor. The fixed screen, located underneath the rotor, determines the desired shavings size. After shredding optional transportation of the shavings takes place via an extraction unit, a screw conveyor or a conveyor belt.

The new cutting system VOTECS the
total package:

  • Brilliant rotor
  • Ingenious slider control
  • Faster rewinding gives advantage: less effort for the sloping counter knife
  • High number of blades (concave)
  • The knife carrier is fed into the blades welded pockets
  • The cutting blades are screwed from the rear

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Fixed rotors – Customized rotor diameters
The rotors are manufactured from one piece and for this reason they are particularly torsion resistant. Specially manufactured knife holders are welded around the circumference of the profiled rotors. The quadruple rotating rotor knives are screwed into this from behind whereby optimal damage protection of the screw heads as well as faster knife changes are made possible. Different rotor diameters (252, 368, 462 und 600 mm) are available each according to application purposes.

More details in the brochure

VZ Four-Shaft Shredders

  • For shredding of
  • Bulky and very long timber waste
  • Timber cuts
  • Long boards and pallets
  • Types of packaging and cartons

Standard equipment

  • Cutting chamber with 2 cutter shafts and 2 spacer shafts
  • Twin drive with sealed oil bath gearbox
  • Automatic reverse and automatic overload protection
  • Breaker guide system to prevent long granulates
  • Special designs on request

The illustration shows cutting chamber with 2 cutter shafts and 2 spacer shafts

  • Cutting chamber with four cutting shafts
  • Specialized hoppers for individual applications
  • Hydraulic press-down device
  • Discharge worm screw or suction system
  • Material discharge

VHZ Horizontal Shredders

  • For shredding of
  • Very long and oversized wood waste
  • Long boards
  • Pallets
  • Packaging and paperboard

The material is fed to the rotor horizontally through a hopper, roller feed, or vibrating channel feeder. The shredders are especially used for shredding longer wood waste. The VHZ-L and VHZ-B series shredders can be used directly next to wood processing machines because of their compact design.